2023 Lucky Draw Registration

50 prizes with a total value of up to $10,000 to be won!

Savour even more warm family moments with prizes from our lucky draws! From 1 Aug-30 Nov 2023, every purchase of a 9kg, 11.3kg or 12.7kg cylinder qualifies you to enter the draw. Multiply your number of draw chances up to 12 times when you buy more!

2023 Lucky Draw Prizes

How to enter:

Step 1: Buy Esso LPG cylinder(s) (9 kg, 11.3kg or 12.7kg) within the qualifying period from our authorised distributors or order online.

Step 2: Upon delivery of the cylinder(s), complete and submit the form below for every purchase.

Step 3: You must retain the original physical receipt as proof of purchase.

Buy more to multiply your draw chances!

The more Esso LPG cylinders you buy, the higher your chances of winning! Repeated purchases must be delivered to the same address to qualify for this chance multiplier. Order your next cylinder here.

2023 Lucky Draw Chances

Fill in the form below to register your purchase of 9kg, 11.3kg or 12.7kg Esso LPG cylinder(s) to enter the draw.