Marine Fuels

Marine Fuels

ExxonMobil has more than 50 years of heritage in supplying high-quality fuels and technical expertise to support regulatory compliance in the marine industry. Quality, reliability, integrity and innovation are the four values that continue to define ExxonMobil’s global commitment to our customers.

A multifuel future

The International Maritime Organization (IMO) announced a 0.50% global sulphur cap on marine fuels emissions that was implemented in 2020. That decision triggered a major change in fuel selection. Some vessel operators continued to use high-sulphur heavy fuel oil (HSFO) but only if they had installed an exhaust gas scrubber system, or the majority switched to a low-sulphur fuel, such as one of ExxonMobil’s new EMF.5™ Engineered Marine Fuels. While there is not only one fuel solution that applied to all vessels, we continue to work closely with customers to help determine their best route to compliance.

Safe and reliable supply

With our integrated supply chain and use of mass flow metering technology, we ensure reliable fuel deliveries in a safe and timely manner at the ports we serve around the world.

EMF.5™ marine fuels

New 0.50% sulphur fuels comply with the International Maritime Organization’s (IMO) global sulphur cap while meeting ExxonMobil’s high quality standards.

You should never compromise on quality in order to comply. And with ExxonMobil’s new EMF.5™ Engineered Marine Fuels, you don’t have to.

The EMF.5 range of fuels is specifically engineered to help vessel operators safely and efficiently comply with the IMO’s 0.50% global sulphur cap by offering the same high quality that customers have come to expect from ExxonMobil’s marine offer.

All EMF.5 fuels:

EMF.5 fuel features

These features enable vessel operators to bunker the high-quality, compliant fuels they need to safely and reliably comply with IMO 2020. They also help ensure that customers can operate their main engines, auxiliary engines and boilers safely and efficiently when they switch to low-sulphur fuels.

Check our ports directory or contact for details about the availability of EMF.5 fuels.

ExxonMobil has also developed newly formulated 40BN cylinder oils, Mobilgard™ 540 and Mobilgard™ 540 X, which are specifically designed to work with low-sulphur fuels. They are available across our global port network.

This joint offer can benefit vessel operators in a number of ways. It not only helps reduce costs by defending safe and efficient engine operation, but it can also minimise engine wear and related maintenance costs.

EMF 5 marine fuels
ExxonMobil offers a range of marine distillate fuels and fuel oils. Our integrated supply chain enables the delivery of high-quality fuels in a safe and timely manner. Experienced technical support and sales team can advise you on the most appropriate fuel for your fleet, as well as provide you guidance for switching between different grades.

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