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Esso LPG™️

Care and comfort for you since 1962

You and your loved ones deserve the highest standards of care and quality. That’s where we come in. Our cooking gas, or LPG (liquefied petroleum gas), is produced with a long-standing promise: to provide reliably strong flames to your kitchen. It’s why, for over 60 years, generations of Singaporeans have chosen Esso LPG™ to fuel their family recipes. Celebrate your love of cooking with us. Savour true comfort in your home. Contact our authorised distributors today for safe, efficient service and installation.

Here’s why you should choose Esso cooking gas:

  • High-quality LPG

    Our high-quality LPG produces strong, reliable flames that are easy to control

  • Commitment to safety

    Our commitment to safety includes rigorous testing for purity, cylinder weight, protection against leakage, and resistance to damage

  • Economical fuel source

    LPG is an economical fuel source

  • Keep cooking vessels clean

    LPG does not create black smoke or messy soot, keeping your cooking vessels clean

  • Easy maintenance

    Replacement is easy: call your nearest authorised Esso LPG distributor for a free delivery and safe, efficient installation

Gas cylinder sizes for your home:
9kg (typically for BBQ gas grills)
12.7kg (recommended retail price*: SGD 38.00 per cylinder)
*The recommended retail price is for reference only and may differ from the actual price determined by our distributors.
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For other enquiries, please call 1800-266-2828 and we will be happy to assist you.