Commercial users

Commercial users

Take your business further

More than powering your business today, we are fuelling your ambitions for tomorrow. Whether you need commercial fuel solutions to run your business efficiently, manufacture your goods reliably, or deliver logistics on time, we are committed to support you.

This is what you can rely on:

  • Premium quality fuels

    Premium quality fuels

  • Reliable supply chain

    A reliable, strategic supply chain

    Supply reliability
  • Relationship-focused customer service

    Relationship-focused customer service

  • Commercial fuel solutions

    Experience in commercial fuel solutions

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Getting greater fuel efficiency is crucial to your business’ financial success. Esso Diesel Efficient™ is an advanced diesel product engineered to help clean up deposits to protect engines, reduce fuel consumption and lower tailpipe emissions. So you can enjoy improved productivity while saving on maintenance costs and downtime.
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High quality fuel solutions

Your business needs are varied. So are our fuel solutions. We control the quality of our products, supported by our leading research and operational processes.
Our range of products
  • Esso Renewable Diesel R20 (A high quality “drop in” solution to lower lifecycle greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Made with minimum 20% renewable content.)
  • Esso Diesel Efficient™ (“EDE”, premium additised diesel)
  • Esso Diesel Efficient B7™ (“EDE B7”, premium additised diesel with 7% biodiesel fuel)
  • Half-treat diesel
  • Unadditised diesel
  • Off-road diesel (suitable for boilers, furnaces, generators and construction)
MGO (marine gas oil) delivered via tank trucks
  • Lower sulphur (suitable for yachts)
  • Regular
Bulk LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) delivered via isotainer or tank truck
Cylinder LPG delivered via our authorised distributors

Products and services to suit your needs

Whether you are a fuel reseller or an end user, our wholesale fuel products and services are designed to keep your business moving.
  • Ease of doing business

    Ease of doing business

    We endeavour to be your supplier of choice. Discover convenient options to receive your fuel supply: doorstep delivery or self-pickup at our Jurong Terminal.

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  • Business discussion

    Fuel supply solutions

    Looking for insights or services to fulfil your fuel needs? Our experienced customer support team is ready to assist you.

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  • Safety and the environment

    Safety and the environment

    We are committed to doing things the right way. Learn more about how we maintain high operational standards across all our facilities and processes.

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